Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here We Go....

I believe if I was a physician I would be extremely embarrassed if it became known that I had personally purchased wholesale $150,000 worth of steroid and human growth hormone pharmaceuticals with a retail value of $750,000 from a Florida online pharmacy which was raided the other day for its dubious sales practices.
After having been an outstanding high school athlete in the 60’s (Mt. Lebanon), and an Olympic silver medal winning platform diver at Munich in 1972 and decades later a staff physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers my shame would be almost unbearable.
Ah...but that's just me..(waiting for the other shoe to drop)..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Thinking Blog...

I’ve been tagged with the thinking blog meme by my good blogging friend Don . I’m required by this meme to write a post tagging five other bloggers who make me think with a brief explanation of why:

Before I tag anyone else I’d like to mention that if someone else had tagged me, one of the first I would have tagged would have been Don (dk, A Silent Cacaphony). More than anyone else I read Don reminds me why America is such a great country. Don is proud of his roots, knows who he is, what he has done, where he is going with his life and has a vision of America I admire. His writings reflect how our country’s leaders and society square with that vision, their shortcomings, failures, conduct and successes. I feel honored to have been tagged by Don.
I’m also required to link to
this post….
I am tagging:

1. Nicko McDave - Ohligarchy. A blog which recently celebrated it’s second anniversary, Ohligarchy has received positive acclaim in the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette and the Pittsburgh City Paper for its contributions to local conservative thought. Dave is as likely to tell fascinating anecdotes about his family as he is to criticize the local liberal press which he does early and often. I’ve always been envious of how well he writes. This blog also has strong ties to Minnesota where the author formerly lived and worked.

2. Nancy Drew- Cinderella and Me. This is a Canadian Blog. Nobody knows what Nancy Drew really does for a living when she isn’t solving mysteries (let’s face it some bloggers have told people where they work about their blogs and as a consequence got in BIG TROUBLE) but if you follow her on a regular basis you will learn a lot about office politics.What Nancy does more than anything is make me laugh. If I’ve sent you a joke by e-mail there is a really good possibility I heard it first from her. Oh, there’s a cat named Smoky involved..

3. Krishna Bhatt- Humour and Last Laugh. This is a blog posted from a cyber café in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal is a kingdom tucked away in the Himalayan Mountains between India and China.Krishna has bloggers all over the world communicating with him after he initiated contact. I’ve been corresponding with him for about eighteen months through both our blogs and e-mail. His eye opening essays and stories have a cultural perspective not found in most of the stuff which we normally read and a lot of diverse international opinion is to be found in his comment sections.
4. Bob Kelly- The Real Key West. Reading Bob’s blog keeps me up to date with what is going on the Island of Key West. Bob is a champion of the voices and interests in society who aren’t heard enough, and a lover of all kinds of good music. His essays and postings remind me constantly that the more things change in the Conch Republic the more they stay the same.

5. Rhiannon- Inner Journey Writings. The last time I was tagged for a meme it was done by this lady, Washington State artist Barbara King. Her blog consists of essays and poetry as well as current and past examples of her fine American Indian influenced works.

Have fun with this folks..

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Science Fiction Writer...

I ran across this one somewhere yesterday:

I am:
Robert A. Heinlein
Beginning with technological action stories and progressing to epics with religious overtones, this take-no-prisoners writer racked up some huge sales numbers.

Which science fiction writer are you?

I read a lot of Sci-Fi when I was a kid. My father had a huge collection, mostly paperbacks.
I read more Robert Heinlein than any other writer. Could he have influenced my outlook of the world in such a way that I would someday score as him on this test..?
That's a really scary thought!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Beta This!

Google's Blogger evidently got tired of offering to upgrade me to "Beta" and today forced me to change if I wanted access my blog.
So this site has now been "beta-ized" and I am now entitled to all the rights and privileges thereof..
I may in the near future be making some changes to the site to take advantage of my new status.

Today's Big Loser...

NASA is today’s big loser.
The saga of Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak’s 900 mile journey over last weekend to confront/assault a fellow astronaut’s girlfriend has forever changed the space program.
This story is going to dominate our news cycle probably in a way we’ve not seen before except in the OJ mess. Think of how it has already changed our thinking. We now know our astronauts wear diapers, sometimes away from work..
We’ve already learned that Ms. Nowak had a tough time on her only space mission last year. She was ill for the first forty-eight hours, then discovered her mission duty of operating the space station’s robotic arm was a lot more difficult to do than her training had prepared her for.Has anyone else noticed from her mug shot that she returned to earth with a Forengi-ish forehead.
Traditionally a Democrat Congress has been hostile toward the space program considering it to be an extravagant frill when compared to the social programs that their party champions.
NASA is heading for a fiscal bruising.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Cold and Linked...

It’s very cold around here. The temperature is expected to go below zero tonight with wind chill in the minus teens..
Payton has won his super bowl so now people can stop saying he can’t win the big one.My "best of" blog out trafficked my regular blog yesterday and today after a member of an “ez board" chat discussion group promoting Key West discovered my Gregory King letter and posted a link to it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Ultimate Splash Screen...

I know very little about computers. What I do know I have mostly acquired from trial and error following some limited introductory training. I have learned my way around the original blogspot blog. I can do most of the basic functions to post and maintain a site.
I’ve taught myself among other things how to create links, put up some pictures and turn things on and off. I’ve also learned some other tricks from using a firefox browser which I won’t disclose I know.
Having said that I still don’t know a lot of the basics which most computer users take for granted. For instance I’m e-mail illiterate in that I don’t know how to do anything other than send a basic message.
I am, however, fascinated with what I will call “splash screens”. I discovered these about a year ago when I was trying to listen to an Australian radio station over the internet. After downloading a “Windows 10 media player” I found that while listening to this particular station a “visual kaleidoscope of light” was emitted from my computer screen to the accompaniment of the music. The colors and shapes changed and moved with the rhythm and tones of the sound. Now that changes the music in that it is no longer just an auditory experience.
Anyway, since then I have listened to various radio feeds in all types of musical genre from all over the world and experienced their “splash screens”. I thought they were all the same but I recently have discovered one that is so good it can be enjoyed even with the music turned off. For some unknown reason the colors and blending and movements are by far the best I’ve seen thus far. I don’t know what causes this. As far as I’m aware what one is really looking at are fluctuations in electronic waves created within ones own computer. However if anyone else out there has experienced “splash screens” and wants to check this one out go to:


Scroll down the chart to number nine which says: in big letters: CLASSIC FM NL which is from Naarden, NL (Netherlands). Go over to the windows media player box on the right and click on:

ClassicFM NL 96K

Of course you need to have windows media player 9 or above to do this which you can usually download for free from one of these sites if you don’t have it.

Speakeasy Speed Test