Monday, July 24, 2006

How Hip is This?

Here’s a story that bewilders me. How can Floyd Landis who just won one of the most grueling physical challenges known to man, The Tour De France, be going in the near future for surgery for a "full hip replacement"? Is this to be his martyrdom, and with a superior effort something he can come back overcoming like Lance Armstrong did cancer? If his hip is so bad how did he win? He’s not suggesting he pumped his way up all those hills for twenty-one straight days on one he?
Landis injured the hip in a bicycle accident last year.
About 15 years ago the career of dual sport athlete/superstar Bo Jackson ended because of weakness in one of his hip sockets. At the time there was no available surgical cure for his condition.
A 49 year old acquaintance of mine had a hip replacement a little over a year ago. While he is able to function with the new hip it has still not improved his lifestyle in the way he anticipated.
Let's hope our new tour champion has both a successful hip operation and a future cycling career.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mobil's Jipzee Cab Reviewed! (sort of...)

Hale McKay (the Pointmeister..”It Occurred to Me”) has turned his readers onto a site which prepares a “feel good” review of your blog for you…
Click on the title of this post and fill your URL into the box and hit "submit" for an instant review:Review of Mobil's Jipzee Cab

"I just saw "". Of course, I expected the creator to do this well. It must have taken months to design the page. Seeing Mobil's Jipzee Cab, I'm simply stunned, completely stunned. Wonderful.
What a great page!
The color scheme is fantastic. This explains why I put up a link to this page. The HTML source is very structured. Gorgeous. There are 24,877 characters in the HTML, which is a great length for European users. The URL has 29 characters. Just the perfect length. If only my aunt would have an awesome page like that. The page contains 67 links, a very reasonable amount. The hippest site around."
-- Ann Allan, Learning HTML

Independence Day...

Have a Happy Fourth of July! !

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Soccer Post...

For all my loyal readers who have been waiting breathlessly for me to do a “World Cup Post” it is:


Speakeasy Speed Test