Thursday, April 24, 2008

PA Primary Retrospective...

The Big Pennsylvania Delegate primary has come and gone. Six weeks of political focus on the Keystone State not seen since the days of the American Revolution.
Hillary won this contest..right... with the double digit lead (10 %) all the political pundits and Clinton spinmeisters said she would need. Most Americans believe Hillary walked away with all the Pennsylvania Democrat delegates and that Barack Obama wasted all that money he spent on his media blitz.
Did you know that the PA delegate split after the results were in was Clinton 82 -- Obama 73. Yeah..she got 9 more delegates than he did for her last 6 weeks of work. She lowered his delegate lead over her from 139 - 130. Do you know how much she reduced his overall delegate advantage on Tuesday toward the nomination? Almost exactly 1/2 of 1%.
She is not expected to do as well in the remaining contests which have received little notice until now.
The only chance she has of winning the Democrat Presidential Nomination will have to involve the type of political chicanery that will leave a large percentage of the Democrat Party's voters so disgusted they will withhold support in November.

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