Friday, January 26, 2007

Impulse Purchase (Sort Of)...

The temperature has finally dropped bigtime around here.
I've been promising myself for years to buy a leather jacket.
Today using money I received from Grandma at Christmas I purchased this particular advertised jacket. No that isn't me in the picture.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Art Buchwald (1925 - 2007)

Art Buchwald has finally succumbed to his kidney disease. He lasted nearly a year after making a decision to forego 3 times a week dialysis treatments.
In late January of 2006 Art checked himself into a Washington D.C. area hospice to spend his final days.
We wrote a tribute to Art in early March of last year.
In late May after the insurance benefits had run out Buchwald left the Hospice. Renal experts at the time speculated that the satirical writer’s kidneys "must have a small amount of function left".
Art opted to spend most of his summer at his traditional summer home on Martha’s Vinyard where he penned a final book “Too Soon To Say Goodbye” which included many of the eulogies friends had prepared.
In the fall he went back to occasionally writing his syndicated column.
He will be missed by all who enjoyed his writings.
Thanks Art…

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Doctor Visit...

Today I went for what passes as an annual checkup. I really hate to go to these because I already know what I’m paying for the Doctor to say.
I had previously done the blood test thing and the nurse had done her visit prep thing like an electrocardiagram (which for some reason had a dozen of those chest hair pulling tabs this time), blood pressure check etc. and I was sitting there waiting for my physician to come into the exam room.
The door finally opens to reveal that my late fortyish doctor has gone completely gray since last year, his mustache, beard, hair..everything.
So he does his thing with the stethoscope and all, checks my file and asks if I’ve had problems, questions, anything..
I decline the opportunity to brag about the fact that I’ve swum over 80,000 meters (50 miles) since I last came for a visit.
He finishes with the file comes toward me talking as he walks. “Well, blood pressure is good, cholesterol is good, heart is excellent.”
He swings around behind me and leans down inches from my right ear and whispers as if a hypnotic suggestion..
“Lose some weight!”

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do we want to do this?

You know those news banner runners you see going across the bottom of TV stations.
Here's one I saw this morning on MSNBC:

"The ethics panel at a New York Hospital has approved uterus transplants. Donor to be removed after recipient gives birth."

What does this mean?

Friday, January 05, 2007


NO ! ! !


You may go back to your empty insignificant life now....

Cowher News Conference...

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced this evening that a press conference will be held tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 PM concerning the future of Coach Bill Cowher.
The Steeler Coach is expected to announce his retirement at that time.
In a related story this site was deluged with 15 inquiries today concerning Coach Cowher's nonexistent infidelities. As you know we are considered the number 5 reference on that topic in the world.
There is no evidence that Coach Cowher has ever cheated on his wife!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Speakeasy Speed Test