Saturday, May 28, 2005

Googling Oneself...

This morning in a moment of madness I googled my real name. As I have a relatively common name there were over 17 million results in .3 seconds. (that little tidbit of technological wizardry amazed me.) Since I am too lazy to go beyond the first two pages I had to get more specific. So I typed in the one event in my life from which I got my “fifteen minutes” and there were 4000+ references but I quickly discovered I am only the first one. At the time of said event I appeared on the NBC nightly News, several PM magazine type telecasts and dozens of radio and print interviews for several months afterward. During my subsequent life I have received three different plaques for my effort. I learned this morning that someone who never interviewed me wrote a book about it which I will now have to obtain. Anyway, all of that long preceded the public use of the internet.I have been experimenting with “dog pile” which claims to be a search engine which combines google, yahoo and jeeves. So far I’m not impressed although I am in 3 of 61 references on it.
I’ll let you know when jipzeecab becomes a searchable word..

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

They Killed a Kid.. #@*!!

A daily routine of mine is to eat lunch with my 84 yo mother. As she is a fan of "The Young and the Restless" (she calls it the "The Young and the Wretched") I usually watch large portions of the program with her.
Yesterday as part of the story they killed off a child who had been with the show for 8 years. Camryn Grimes who played "Cassie Newman" joined the show as a 7 yo in 1997. She was one of the few children in the cast who didn't suffer from "rapid aging". She actually played a 15 year old. (The 17 year old who was charged with her murder was actually born in the script since Cassie was seven).
I don't know if Camryn wanted to leave the show for other opportunities. Even if she did they could have substituted another actor in her place. But Noooo....! Head Writer Jack Smith went on record saying he killed off the Cassie Newman character to "test the marriage of her parents Nick and Sharon Newman". These two have been married nine years and have had 5 or 6 extramarital affairs between them during that time. Wasn't that enough testing?
Jack.. you could have sent her overseas to a boarding school to get rid of her. No.. You had to kill a kid.
Jack Smith -- you're a jackass.

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