Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Drug Pricing...

It has suddenly come to the attention of the mainstream media that the infamous Medicare “Plan D” hasn’t put a cap on prescription drug prices…duhh!
This was predictable when the prescription drug bill was passed and would be adequate reason not to vote to reelect anyone currently serving in the US Congress.
When Medicare got itself into the pharmaceutical purchasing business it instantly made itself the number one purchaser of drugs in the US. This would have given our government the ability to negotiate across the board discounts on all pharmaceuticals on behalf of our senior and disabled consumers (I admit to being in the latter group). The marketplace could have been used to benefit all Americans.
This is what YOUR Congress did when they passed the bill.
They decreed that the Medicare establishment would purchase all drugs at the FULL RETAIL PRICE!
This in spite of the fact that Americans were already purchasing their meds from foreign sources who sold them at major discounts from what were available here in the good old US of A.
Congressional Representatives will reply to this criticism by saying “Well we had to make certain concessions to get the legislation passed…Now that we’ve established that Medicare can purchase drugs we can reform the legislation.” (this is known as the "camel getting his nose into the tent" approach to lawmaking.)
Meanwhile the program is paying much more for Plan D than would be necessary and the Drug companies are raising their prices even more.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Helmet Importance...

Today marks the first anniversary of my bicycle accident on the Yough Trail near Perryopolis. The experience set my fitness program back big time last year because of injuries to my ribs, right elbow and left shoulder which also limited some of my swimming activities. Fortunately I was wearing a helmet at the time. Even then a rearview monocle mirror I had attached to the helmet was totally destroyed.
Not so with Steeler Quarterback Ben Roethlisburger who had an unfortunate motorcycle accident this morning in Pittsburgh. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, a subject of previous controversy.By all accounts the accident was caused by a motorist who made a left turn at the last moment in front of Ben who appeared to be on his way to the Steeler training facility on the Southside.
At last report Ben was still in surgery. He reportedly suffered:
A broken jaw
A broken nose
A sinus cavity fracture
An orbital fracture
A nine inch gash
Lost a number of teeth
Two sprained knees.
He was in serious but stable condition going into the surgery. The hospital has avoided making any statements about brain trauma such as concussions.
Our prayers are with him.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bee Betting...

More proof that our culture is going straight to hell:

Tonight the finals of the National Spelling Bee will be televised on ABC.
Did you know that you can place bets on the Spelling Bee which consists of children 9 to 14 years of age?
The following “prop bets” are available with the current corresponding odds:
Will the winner be male or female?
Male: 5/7 (a $7 bet wins you $5); Female: 5/4
Will the winner be listed as "homeschooled"?
No: 1/3; Yes: 5/2
Will the winner be wearing glasses?
No: 4/7; Yes: 3/2
Will the winner be from east/west of Mississippi River?
East: 2/3; West: 4/3
The championship word will contain how many letters?
Over 10.5: 2/3; Under 10.5: 4/3
Will the championship word contain an "e"?
Yes: 5/9; No: 8/5
Will the championship word have alternate pronunciations?
No: 2/7; Yes: 3/1
Will the champion have a name no one can pronounce?
Yes: 1/9.
There are odds on the kids available too, if you are a wagering insider..

Is there anything else we can do to ruin a good thing?

Speakeasy Speed Test